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Welcome to MMS

MMS represent the current state-of-the-art in white metal casting. Four expanding ranges feature the vehicles, guns and troops of World War Two, all in constant 1:76 (20mm) scale.

The ‘CLASSIC’ vehicles and ‘GUNpak’ towed gun kits contain full instructions; including general tips, if you’ve never worked with white metal before. Robust and easy to assemble, they are ideally suited to the Wargamer and yet, have the accuracy and a wealth of detail that gives satisfaction to the serious collector.

The ‘RESTRICTED ISSUE’ range is produced to full ‘CLASSIC’ standards and provides modellers with an opportunity to build conversions of some of the more popular subjects.

The new 'CIVVY St.' range of pre and post-war transport models adds an extra dimension.

Most of the ‘Accessory Pak’ figure sets feature separate arms and weapons, giving a true ‘multi-pose’ capability. Other sets provide useful detail and stowage items - all at affordable prices.

Latest News

Posted on: May 16th, 2016

Just added - the British 10cwt Airborne Trailer in comms. configuration.   Includes seated Para operator.


Posted on: Feb 29th, 2016

Three new products were added to the range for the ON TRACK modelling show and are now available to order on line.

099 US M2A1 Half-track Car, £14.95

200 Crossley 4x4 Tractor Unit, £14.95

A81 WAAF On Parade, £2.95.

Descriptions on the individual listings.  

Posted on: Oct 28th, 2015


I try and turn all orders around within that timeframe.   However, I am the proverbial "one-man-band" and it is not always possible.

I acknowledge all orders, so you know that I've received yours.  If you are becoming concerned about where your order is, please e-mail and ask me - before opening a dispute on PayPal.   Having to deal with a "dispute" takes time and slows down the process for all orders.

Marmon Herrington w/Pak 35/36
045: Marmon Herrington w/Pak 35/36

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17pdr. Firefly Mk 1C - Hybrid T-34 Model 1943 R.A.F. Ladder Van

What's New at MMS

The following items are new releases:

Ref Classic Series (5 new kits) GBP
200 Crossley 4x4 Tractor Unit. £14.95
099 U.S. M2A1 Half-track Car £14.95
098 Bedford OWST Tipper Truck £13.95

Ref Accessory Pak (6 new kits) GBP
A82 Airborne Radio Trailer £3.95
A81 WAAF On Parade £2.95
A80 Airborne Trailer - sheeted. £3.95
A79 British Airborne Trailer £3.95
A78 RAF Crash Tender Crew. £3.95
A77 WAAF / ATS Girls £2.95

Ref Restricted Issue (0 new kits) GBP

Ref Gunpak (0 new kits) GBP

25% Discount!

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